Leendert Jan in private

Have you always been a drawer or have you had a different job before?


I have not always been a drawer. I am trained to be an electronic engineer, but I quickly found out I did not like the work. Besides that I have done all kinds of odd jobs. The one I liked the best, was being a postman.

What are you dreaming of; what would you like to do one day? Job-related and private?


I really would like to write a great book, or co-operate on a film. Making the script. Directing it. I am sometimes completely awestrucken by a book or a film.
I would like to spend more time in Iceland. To me, it is the most wonderful country in the world. (Well, from what I have seen of the world.)

Do you have something like a life motto that you follow?


Put soul into work and you get better results and more fun out of it.

Which of the character is most similar to you?


I think Olaf. Of course there are features of the other characters in me.

How do your friends call you - "Leendert" or "Jan" or by your full name? Or do you have any nicknames?


Most of the people call me Leendert, but I prefer Leendert Jan.

Where do you live and where were you born?


I live in Holland, 's-Hertogenbosch. And I was born in Holland, Lunteren.

When is your birthday?


My birthday is on the 3rd of December. It is just 2 days before the dutch Sinterklaas-festivity. As a child I was always overloaded with presents in two days time. I really did not mind.

Are you married? - Do you have children? - How old are they?
(Bettina sent in the following 3 questions. - thx)


Yep. - Yes, three of them. - 16, 14 and 6.

Do they like your stuff?


They tolerate it. For them it is very normal. Sometimes there are things they like, but they are not fans

Do you draw/write something especially for them?



Do you read your children's books to them?


Only to the one who is 6. The other ones would smack me in the mouth, if I would start reading for them.

Did they inherit your talent?



What do you do in your spare time?


Reading books, watching television. Go to the theatre. Tai chi. Cinema.

Are you a fan of anyone? (another drawer, musician, actor, etc.?)


I am a fan of lots of people in the artworld.

Music: Bruce Springsteen, Beatles, Heather Nova, Sinead O' Connor, Anastacia, Queen
Dutch comedian: Sanne Wallis de Vries
Book author: Douglas Coupland, Jonathan Carroll
Television: Ally McBeal (unfortunately finished, although the last season was not good.)
Actor: Sean Penn, Robert Downey jr., Renee Zellweger, Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, Meryl Streep
Films: Vildspor, Festen, Magnolia, Once upon a time in the west, Deerhunter. And lots of Scandinavian films.
Comics: Charly Brown, Mordillo

How do you like the internet? Do you surf at lot yourself?


I think it is great. I always find a lot of things I was not looking for. It is very usefull. Great.

Do you know/like that people are making websites about your work?


I know that they do. Recently I have stopped giving permission to new people. At the moment there are a couple of very good websites of my work. I personally think that is enough.

Do you like comic books?


I used to very much, but lately I am not so interested in them anymore. I read a lot of Asterix, Lucky Luke and Charly Brown.

Do you speak German?
(Bettina was wondering about that.)


A tiny bit.

Is there anything else you'd like to say to your fans…?


Keep smiling. The worst is yet to come.

anything else work-related



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